Pokemon Quest Cooking Simulator

Don't waste your precious ingredients! Use our cooking simulator to see what recipe you're gonna get before you start cooking.

Just click on the ingredients you want to use to put them in the pot. Once it's full we'll give you our best guess on what you're gonna create. When you're happy with your recipe, click "Start Cooking."

We'll remember what recipes you made, and when they're finished you can come back and tell us what you got. This will help us understand recipes better, and you can come always see how you attracted your best pokemon.

Currently, we don't have enough data to use the rainbow ingredients in this simulator.

WARNING: Recipes are not guaranteed to be accurate. We do our best to be accurate but mistakes are likely at this early stage of game discovery.

Tiny Mushrooms
Bluk Berries
Big Roots
Icy Rocks
Balm Mushrooms


1 Needs more Ingredients

Attracts N/A N/A Pokemon.
Requires N/A expeditions.

Past Recipes

Nothing cooked yet.