What is Pokemon Quest?

Pokemon Quest is a Freemium mobile game currently out on Nintendo Switch and releasing for mobile on June 2018.

The game starts by taking you to a new island in the pokemon universe that is inhabited by the original 150 Pokemon. Like most Pokemon games, you collect a team of pokemon that battle for you. You level up the pokemon and defeat tougher and tougher bosses. But in this game there's a few big differences from a classic Pokemon RPG

Collecting Pokemon

You start out with a choice of one of 5 pokemon: Eevee, Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, or Bulbasaur. Instead of catching Pokemon in the wild, you collect ingredients dropped by defeated pokemon and use those to cook a dish. Depending on what type of dish you cooked, it will attract one or two pokemon.

To see the full list of recipes, check out the Recipe Cheatsheet.

Battling Pokemon

When you take your team into a battle, they'll move automatically. They can fight automatically too, but this is not recommended for tough battles since the AI is not very good.

The main things you can control in a battle is when to use a move and when your pokemon should run away. The run away/scatter mechanic is very useful for dodging attacks and getting through tough battles with a win.

It's also important to time your attacks well. For instance, if your pokemon is too far away their attack will miss and you'll have to wait for the cooldown period before attacking again.

For more battling tips check out our Battle Tips page. (Coming soon)

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